Lifelong Learning

It seems to me that the number of teachers actively enrolled in Masters of Education programs has been growing significantly over the last few years – or maybe it’s just my awareness of this – similar to past experiences where I have bought a particular model and colour of vehicle and, “suddenly”, I see many examples of the same vehicle wherever I drive.

I know that teachers go into a Masters of Ed program for many reasons, just like teachers actually go into teaching for a many different reasons.  However, completing a Masters program after you have been in the teaching profession for a great number of years is not so common. I know why I chose to pursue this level of education.  I know why others within my Masters cohort made the same choice.  But regardless of the “why” or the “how”,  I have to admit that participating in a Masters program has been the greatest challenge in self-knowledge that I have ever undertaken.  I am not the same person as I was when I first began my studies in the summer of 2010 –  not personally, not professionally.  I do not have the same view of academia as when I first started.  I do not have the same perception of what it means to be an educator and a  “life-long learner”.  I do not have the same view of myself as a member of the human race.  What I do have is an unending commitment to continue to be a reflective practitioner, to continue to live my life according to what I believe and to embrace who I am as an individual.

If you wish to travel along my first adventure into self-discovery, feel free to read my MRP.  If you wish to come alongside as I continue to learn and develop as as a educator, feel free to follow my blog.  I would love to have company!

Further to that,  it would be my pleasure to hear your thoughts, to walk alongside you for a while and share your company.


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Let’s learn from each other.

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